SituationIT Situation IT is here to take care of your all IT needs so that you can focus on the core line of your business. We are a Brisbane based company that provide comprehensive IT support services to small, medium and enterprise businesses within Australia.
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Cloud Services

We Provide Cloud Services In Australia

Need to support those critical operations of your business? Or you want to run applications which share photos to millions of mobile users?

All you need is a cloud service provider, offering you rapid access to flexible and low cost IT resources. Being a reputed cloud infrastructure and platform provider in Australia, Situation IT serves ultimate flexibility and redundancy.

Let us help you get the most out of cloud!

We value your money and time, both. Now you don’t need to invest any large upfront in hardware or spend a lot of time in managing the same. We are here to cater exactly the right type and size of computing resources to power your business ideas.

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How can we help you build a perfect cloud environment?

With a team of passionate and experienced consultants, architects and engineers, we make it possible to find a perfect for your business. Our cloud specialists follow a three-step process to help create your cloud environment.

Here it is,

Planning: We believe in offering the best, meanwhile considering your budget and requirement at priority. Therefore, our planning process involves you at every step. We are ready to

  • Know your needs
  • Understand your long-term strategic view
  • Meet your expectations

And finally, work with you to create an end-to-end environment for application integration and data migration.

Development: It is not always about choosing from pre-built server sizes. If you need, we can let you mix and match CPU, memory and storage. From high-performance storage, reduced bottlenecks, to multi-layer high bandwidth networking, we are ready to build it as per your requirement.

Management: Our work never ends with development; as we keep it running with you for long. Yes, we are ready to manage and run your cloud for you. Whether you need some additional pre-built templates or OS patching or some backup solutions, we are for you.

Want a free quote? Call (07) 3217 3060 right away.