Learn here how cloud computing adds flexibility, accessibility and scalability to your business’s IT infrastructure.

According to a recent report published in Forbes, Australia has been emerged as a “global leader” in public cloud adoption over the years. Frost and Sullivan Report, on the other hand, reported that the land Down Under has the “highest adoption rates” of cloud computing in the Asia Pacific regions with more than 80% local businesses relying on cloud services.

The report further stated that the public cloud market is growing at 15 percent per year. It is also worth to mention that Australia is the largest IaaS market in the Asia Pacific.

So, it means that most of the companies have shifted to cloud services in Australia. Cloud computing is a “virtual form of software and hardware services” provided over the Internet, eliminating the needs of physical resources, servers, and paid software.

This is why the model ensures flexibility, accessibility, updates, and mobility for business operations.

If you haven’t opted for cloud services yet, here are the key benefits convincing you to do it now:

Reduced Costs:

One of the key benefits for opting for the cloud is that it can help you save on major expenses like software and hardware. Since everything is over Internet out there, you don’t need to spend on big servers, costly software, maintenance, upgrade and support costs. Eventually, you will see a decrease in space, power usage and other requirements.

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Accessibility and Flexibility:

You can access and modify the files over the cloud. You can assign your team task and provide assistance.

And you can do all these things even on the run or away from your workplace.

In this way, cloud computing lets you work outside of the workplace and make it simple for you to manage your tasks anytime, anywhere. And icing on the cake is that you can use tablets, laptops and even your smartphone to do these things.

An Improved Collaboration:

With cloud computing, you and your team can upload, edit and comment on a document, ensuring better workplace collaboration. Google Drive is a fine example of this point! Being able to access documents through the cloud makes it simple for small business owners to track and manage individual progress on the tasks.

Better Integration:

Moving your business to cloud rewards you with lots of opportunities for integration. Businesses operating on cloud can easily integrate with various cloud based vendors.

Small to mid-size businesses are benefitted from the specialized services that integrate their several departments, from HR, back office to accounting. You can monitor and track the process of each department with few clicks.

Upgraded Software:

You will always find latest software and applications over the cloud platforms like SaaS. The latest versions are made available to all clients as soon as they are launched.


Generally, a cloud vendor only charges you for software as long as you are using it. It is somewhat like using the software on rent, which is much cheaper than buying software package or server.

And you pay for what you use. The pay per model makes cloud services affordable for small businesses and startups as well.

24/7 Availability:

You can access and use cloud services as long as you have an Internet connection. Most of the vendors ensure you 99.99% uptime, meaning that you don’t need to worry over machines being out of action or system unavailability.


A cloud-adapted business can scale up or scale down to meet the requirements based on growth, projects and resources. To put it another way, you can add or remove your cloud services as the progress of your business and project.

Back Up:

A business data is always on the radar of hackers and cyber criminals. Then, the risk of natural disasters, accident deletion or failure of the machine can’t be sidelined. To avoid such things happening to your data, your answer of finding reliable data backup lies in cloud computing. It will not only save your data, but also gives you an easy access whenever you want it.

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