Dedicated server hosting delivers capabilities and resources of a single server to one website or organization without having to allocate that space to other websites, unlike shared hosting. And it can be useful for the number of reasons given here. 

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, you go through wide range of options for hosting your website, apps and mail server. Shared hosting is a popular and widely used hosting option where the space and resources are shared by multiple websites.

However, dedicated shared hosting gets an edge over shared hosting when it comes to reliability, security and uptime. With dedicated shared hosting, you get flexibility, more power and improved control over your resources.

Let’s see what makes a dedicated server hosting a great choice for your online business.

It is Only Meant for Your Business

A dedicated hosting provider is exclusively meant for your business, meaning that it won’t share your resources with others. You don’t have to worry about the activity of others eating out your bandwidth usage and slowing down your server. In this way, dedicated server hosting ensures you maximum bandwidth usage and a control over your resources. Dedicated server also lets you decide which programs, apps, or script run on the server, which also resulted in improved security for your online operations.

Improved Data Security

Dedicated server hosting ensures greater level of security than VPS or shared hosting. Considering that your space is not sharing with other businesses, your website doesn’t face the risks like being operated with spammers or malicious websites. In simple words, you don’t share a space with such “shady” web business. It is more important for the companies having sensitive information. Dedicated server hosting also provides protection against malware and adware.

Less Downtime and Improved Performance

 Having an exclusivity of server resources also translates into enhanced performance.

Since no other business is using your space over the server, your servers perform better and there are minimal downtime. And icing on the cake is that a provider will manage your servers, thereby freeing you from the burden of taking care of your sever frequently.

It enhances your website’s performance as it handles the traffic of your website efficiently.


A dedicates server lets you customize the server according to your specific needs. For example, you can get additional space as your business grows and expands.

Unique IP address

Dedicated server hosting provides an exclusive IP address for your website which is not shared with other websites. Does it make any difference?

There are many websites running on the shared hosting with a same IP address. Some of these sites may be malicious or belonging to porn/adult content. It means that sharing a space with such websites will affect your online business because of the same IP address.

With dedicated hosting, you have unique IP address which is not shared with others. And this is important if you are operating an online marketplace requiring SSL for safe card processing.

Save Money With Dedicated Servers

If a business requires a dedicated server, but doesn’t have the time and money to upkeep a server on their own, dedicated hosting is a smart way to deal with that concern.  This is because it is cheaper than other hosting option. A vendor will see the cost of building and maintaining server equipment for you, minimizing the overhead for a business buying server space, and enhancing their return on investment.

Bottom Line

So, opting for dedicated server hosting is a right choice if you are looking for a “clean and exclusive” space ensuring high performance and control.

However, you should consider your future plans and size of business. And do your homework, research all the options and check customer support to get right hosting provider for your website.

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