Learn here the benefits of switching to Email Exchange for your Business.

Can you imagine your business without an email system?

Email is more than a mean of communication in today’s fast paced business environment. There is plethora of options when it comes to choose email hosting for your business. But it is Microsoft Exchange Server which gets an edge over its peers in terms of features, availability and usability. In simple words, it is more than a mail server, and delivers striking benefits over basic hosting options. Let’s have a look over its advantages for your business.

Your Business Will Look More Professional

ABC@gmail.com or ABC@SituationIT.com?

Which mail ID is looking more professional? Which one will you use to correspondence with your clients?

Obviously, the second one as it hints that it is associated with the business, rather than an individual. Many big names across the world like Facebook (@Facebook.com), Qantas (@qantas.com), and Microsoft (@Microsoft.com) have used domain based emails.

It is like a business card to your clients as it has domain name of your business.

Secure and Spam Free

Another striking feature of using Email Exchange is that it keeps your account safe from the hackers. In this way, it ensures protection to both your company and clients from cybercrimes. Each mail you receive is filtered to eliminate the spam before it can reach to your inbox. Same goes with your client’s inbox when a mail is delivered from your side.

On the other hand, a basic email service (designed for customers) can be plagued with the piles of spam emails, preventing you from responding quickly. Besides, you may not be aware of the issues or conflicts going in between your staff and client.

A team of security experts always monitor the entire system round the clock to ensure you a risk-free mailing experience.

Freeing Your Business from Maintenance and Installing Updates

Once Microsoft Exchange Online is enabled on your network, and your data has been migrated, it needs very little maintenance and will give your business a streamlined email system. Microsoft will do all update and patching for you. It will free up your IT department to

Simply Goes Beyond Email

Microsoft Exchange Server offers you beyond just email services. It is equipped with fully-managed calendaring, contacts and task organization at one place. Integrated with Exchange’s AJAX Web Mail Interface, which lets you access your email from any browser, you can have a more organized mailing process.

Multi Mail Search Made Easy

It is challenging and exhaustive task to search for one message in each inbox in case you are using multiple email addresses. Microsoft Exchange lets you do that easily by performing a simultaneous search across all your accounts, thereby saving your time.

Voicemail Transcription

By opting for Microsoft Exchange, you can have your office voicemail transcribed and automatically emailed to your mailbox. It not only lets you keep a pace with contacts while away from workplace, but also minimizes the hassles of recovering lost emails or keeping the notes of messaging.

So, these are the benefits of using Email Exchange for your business. At SituationIT, we deliver high quality and comprehensive email hosting services to the businesses throughout Australia.

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