From scalability, flexibility, to low maintenance, SaaS provides many benefits to your business so that you can achieve productivity.

Software as a service or SaaS is the software delivery and licensing method to provide software (applications) over the Internet as a service.

Since everything is over the Internet, you don’t need to build the server, install the software and configure the apps manually. In this way, it frees you from the maintenance and purchasing of software and hardware.

Also known as web-based software, on-demand software or hosted software, SaaS is available on the rent and user has to pay as long as he is using the software. Or you can say that the charges are based on pay-per-use model.

Some of the popular examples of SaaS are Google Drive, Netflix, Microsoft Office 365, SalesForce and Cisco WebEx. It is one of the three parts of cloud computing, the other two are IaaS and PaaS.

SaaS services are becoming popular among small businesses, especially those lacking budget to purchase new hardware and software. If you haven’t opted for SaaS services yet, here are the convincing reasons to choose them.

Reduced Costs of Installation and Maintenance

Given that software services are delivered over the Internet, you don’t need to purchase software or hardware. It means that you save on installation and purchase, as well on-going costs like upgrades and maintenance. You can easily download and maintain SaaS applications, instead of making huge expenditures on hardware installation. Moreover, on demand software allows you pay for what you use. SaaS can be beneficial for small business as it lets you use sophisticated and efficient applications that might have been otherwise unavailable through conventional purchasing ways.

Besides, SaaS model minimizes the financial risk of expensive applications.

No Software Installation Hassles

With traditional model, you have to install and upgrade the software. On the other hand, SaaS software is already installed and configured. It minimizes the time eaten up by installation and configuration, and can reduce the complications or problems occurring during software installation.

As an added bonus, your SaaS provider will take care of maintenance and upgrading work. Needless to say it reduces extra work hours, downtime and need to hire the staff for that.

Flexibility and Accessibility

Another striking benefit of SaaS is that the software on demand model offers required flexibility and options to the businesses. The services are operated by a remote vendor, allowing you to customize your according to your business’s needs. You don’t need to send them notice that you are going to change your plan.

Furthermore, SaaS model lets customers to access the application easily from anywhere, anytime.


In traditional software installation method, upgrading the software can eat up your time and money. And situation turns worse when issue occurs in middle of installation. On the top of that, version differences between the staff members can trigger compatibility issues and time wastage.
Conversely, if you use SaaS, you can easily access to upgraded services within few clicks without spending time and efforts on installation and upgrading.

Work from Anywhere

As the software is hosted in the cloud, it is simply accessible over the Internet, regardless of your location and devices.

To put it another way, you can access SaaS services via mobile, tablets and other IOT deives while on the run or sitting away from the office. You can say that work is coming to your home. Moreover, you can work with your colleagues, VA, clients and others in real time at any time.

This point does matter to the sales workforce. They can present up to date (or minute) info about the services or products, sales statistics and other things that are required at that time in meetings.

Minimum Security Issues

Your data is continuously secured on the multiple physically and network secure data centers. Plus, many SaaS providers use antivirus, scanning, web filtering, and centralized reporting to guard the data.

Instant Support

What will you do if your on-site developer is missing when you need emergency support service? If you are a SaaS subscriber, you don’t need to worry about that. Just contact the provider to get instant support to get your issues resolved on the time.

Bottom Line

So, you must have understood that SaaS is beneficial for your small business. It provides you flexibility, support, accessibility and cost efficient features that help you focus on the core line of your business.

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