As a small business owner, you will find cloud services beneficial for your business, especially if you don’t have resources or lack budget.

The first reason is that it saves you money as your all data is stored over Internet, minimizing the needs of purchasing HDDS. Secondly, it makes collaboration easy as it lets users to use the same document with individual management. In addition to this, it lets you access and edit the files from any device, anywhere.

Given the plenty of cloud storage tools available, it is confusing for you to choose the right one for your business. Here we have rounded up the best cloud storage services in Australia on the basis of their useful features and storage capacity.

G Suite:

G Suite or Google Apps is a cloud based service for both individual and businesses by Google. Instead of being a single cloud platform, it is a comprehensive line-up of apps for various functions.

G Suite delivers rich functionality, unparalleled accessibility and tones of value, but it is available at the cost of a rather patchy cloud experience due to various services for different purpose. Above all, you may not find all services for your use.

Google Apps lets you store any type of file in the cloud. Then, Gmail provides your Email and calendar services. You can create, edit and collaborate on documents using Google Docs. It also lets you sync your email, contacts and calendars in Gmail with the built-in email and calendaring apps on any mobile device.

The next thing you want to ask about is security. Well, G Suite incorporates password protection and advanced file encryption to protect your data. The only disappointment is that G Suite lacks desktop apps. Besides, you are required to be online to access your data stored with G Suite.

Luckily, G Suite is available as a mobile app for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows mobile. You can access your G Suite account using any PC or mobile device.

G Suite is your pick if you are looking for simple cloud platform with a value for the money. You can get mobile access and store any type of file in G Suite. But the cloud experience comes in fragment due to various apps which lack integration between each other.


Box is a cloud service designed for sharing big files and folders. Just upload them and you can share them with others using a link or embedding on your website. And it comes with 10 GB of free storage and an upload size up to 250 MB.

You can subscribe its $5 month plan that provides 100 GB storage with an upload size of 2 GB. Box is accessible via all devices.


The rich features of Egnyte will surely win over your heart! Being tailored for the businesses, Egnyte comes with a comprehensive file support, file sharing and consolidated security measures.

It gives first-rate file support, letting you to drop here any type of file ranging from word files, slideshows and multimedia content of any size. However, you may require a third-party media player to play music files.

Its custom branding feature lets you customize your cloud account, making it difference from other cloud services. For example, you can apply your logo on the Egnyte interfact, headers and other parts. Moreover, you can place your company name into your Egnyte access URL.

Another striking feature is file sharing which lets you share the file with remote users through a centralized access point.

You also like Egnyte for its robust security measures. For example, you can set permissions regarding who can see what folders. All files are encrypted to and from the Egnyte cloud file server.

It is also available as mobile app for iPhone, Android and Windows.


IDrive cloud service is equipped with extensive options for sharing and syncing files. With IDRIVE, you can share files using online file syncing, mobile access, social media accounts and remote management tools.

IDrive also provides real time backup!

As far as security concerns, IDRIVE comes with 256-bit AES encryption. Its plans are available for both individual and businesses.

Zip Cloud:

Zip Cloud is a popular cloud service among business. It lets you store all types of data through all devices. You can store photos, files, music and videos at Zip Cloud. Its basic 75 GB plan for 24 months cost around $7.61 in Australia. (Click here to see Zip Cloud Plans in Australia)

Generally, its basic plan offers coverage for 4-5 PCs, automated backups, unlimited user accounts, free mobile apps and tech support.

So, this is our pick of the best cloud services for small businesses in Australia. Make sure to choose the plan that can go well with your business requirements.

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