The Importance of Installing a Computer Maintenance Program on Your Business Servers & Computers

It’s the digital age, and your computers are more vulnerable than ever. Hackers are getting smarter, viruses are getting more devastating, and malicious programs that corrupt your computer and steal your personal information are getting more sophisticated.

However, the best offence is a good defence, and installing a computer maintenance program on your business computers is one way to ensure that your personal information is secure. We’re going to cover several benefits of having the correct software and a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist helping you below.

1. Improve Performance.

1. Your business computer should be in top shape each day to ensure that you have fast and efficient transactions. Viruses, Trojans and malware all negatively impact your computer’s performance. They can cause your machine to run slow, not connect to the internet or even shut your computer down completely. The right software can block these programs and save your computer’s speed and performance.

2. Avoid Identity Theft.

1. As a business owner, you could have hundreds of customers and hundreds of transactions in a single day. A data breach or identity theft could cause your customers to avoid returning to your business. Proper maintenance, updating your software and having a quality anti-virus software in place, are critical. It can help detect any weaknesses in your computer, and then your Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist can fix them.

3. Increase Your Hard Drive’s Performance.

1. Hackers and certain malicious programs like malware or ransomware can potentially wipe your computer’s hard drive. This can devastate a business and set you back weeks as you try to fix it. Scheduling routine hard drive defragmentation can help you clean up any fragmented files while the antivirus software works to keep unwanted threats out.

4. Reduce Operating Costs.

1. If your computer system becomes infected to the point where it won’t run, or if you end up with a ransomware attack, you could have to replace the entire system. This can be a huge business expense, both from buying a new system and by not having your business operational while you get your new system up and running. Monitoring for threats and blocking them antivirus software is essential to keeping your operating costs low.

Do you need another layer of protection for your business? Maybe you want a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist to perform your installation, maintenance and updates. Either way, we encourage you to get in touch with us at Situation IT. We offer a comprehensive quarterly maintenance package for both large and small businesses. Contact us to get yours today!

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