Learn here how to choose a right MPS provider in Australia.

Managed print services or MPS are provided by external vendor or managed IT service provider. Generally, MPS providers manage and optimize your printing needs and devices like scanners, printers, copiers and faxes. They also provide hardware replacement, repair and maintenance, and parts and supplies required to operate the new or existing hardware.

Many businesses in Australia have opted for MPS to reduce paper waste and associated costs; streamline their printing needs and stay on the top of printing usage and costs.

However, you should choose your MPS provider carefully. Make sure the services you choose can fit your organization needs. All you need to keep the following things in mind while choosing a managed print services provider in Australia.

Assess Your Existing Printing Environment:

First of all, you should take a note of your current printing needs. You can have a print audit to figure out the output is coming from your current print/copy devices. It may also include a cost and environmental impact assessment. How you can lower the cost while improving efficiencies?

Look for the Services and Maintenance Included in Your Contract:

Read the fine print and ask your prospective MPS vendor detailed questions like:

How many technicians are available in my area? What is their typical response time?

Do you offer helpdesk support?

Do you offer remote assistance to fix issues?

What other services you have?

What about upfront costs and extra charges?

Make sure you get what you pay for. Besides, learn what your vendor will require when you decide to exit your service agreement before the designated time. Do they impose penalty or buy-out fee?

MPS Provider Should Match Your Business Growth:

An MPS provider may cater to your existing needs, but will the vendor scale the services as you grow? Ask if they have the capacity to grow with your long-term business goals. This is because it may be quite hectic to switch to other vendor to support your new business needs. You can also ask for a roadmap for the future and make sure they are able to implement it.

Mobile Printing:

Mobile printing is gaining momentum among companies in this digital era. It allows users to print documents using smartphones, tables and similar devices. It is the responsibility of MPS to collaborate with the employees to make sure that this process remains smooth and hassle free. Ask if your potential MPS vendor supports mobile printing.


Given that network printers are vulnerable to cyber-attacks, you should take security seriously while choosing MPS vendor. A right MPS will let you see who print which documents and to which printer so information won’t leave the process unless authorized.

Check Track Record:

Check the client’s testimonials of the prospective vendor. It will give you an idea about the quality of its services. You can get the user’s reviews posted on the vendor’s website or social media platforms. Ask him to provide the reference of the previous clients.

The right MPS provider can make a difference, and investing your time in the above given steps will help you find the best one for your business.

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