Paper wastage and printing issues cost nearly 14% of your yearly revenue. See how MPS help you save on such expenditures to increase your revenue.

According to one study, an average 14% of revenue is consumed by document related tasks and inefficient printing practices.
Despite that fact, many businesses have no idea how much they are spending on office printing. From paper wastage, printer supplies to repairs, a printing environment is plagued with many issues that eat up the significant parts of your organization’s budget.
Therefore, it makes sense to opt for managed print services or MPS. These services manage all aspects of your organization’s printing devices and documentation. In this way, they help you save money, minimize the paper waste and increase the productivity.

What Are MPS?

MPS or Managed Print Services are the services provided by external vendor to optimize and manage your printing environment. From maintaining, optimization, installation, to supplying, they cover everything to ensure you a smooth operation of your print related business process. MPS services are provided by both Managed IT service provider or by the companies like Xerox, Lexmark and HP.
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How MPS Help You Improve Revenue of Your Business?
So, you like to know how MPS can help you improve the revenue of your business. These services make things easy by managing lot of your tasks so that you give maximum output. Here’s how:

They Support Your Internal IT Department:

Is your internal IT team taking care of the company’s print needs?

They are more focus to fix solving paper jams, connection issues and other problems instead of planning long-term and strategic goals. If IT department is busy in resolving print issues, it can’t focus on the core competencies like security, strategic projects and network infrastructure which in turns affect your revenue.

Therefore, it makes sense to assign your print related tasks to an MPS provider to free up your IT team. In this way, they can focus on the strategic goals of the business.

They Minimize The Wastage Of Paper & Pages:

When a printer breaks down in the middle of working, it is likely to do more paper wastage. The other factors behind page wastage at any organization are smudging/fading of a printing ink and unnecessary content printing.

A recent study by Lexmark states that 17% of everything printed was considered waste, meaning that one in five pages that are printed is simply obsolete. It is very hard to figure out how many papers have been wasted by your employees.

But according to one study, an average employee use 10,000 sheets of paper a year, at (USD) $.06 to $.13 per page, meaning that “businesses are spending between $600 and $1,300 each year per employee for printing.”
This is definitely expensive paper wastage for a small business having 60-100 employees.

Managed print services help you reduce such paper wastage and expenditure, thereby contributing to your potential revenue indirectly. They not only provide timely repair, but also deliver valuable suggestions to avoid the wastage. And this will save you up to 25-30% on your total printing expenditures.

They Help You Take Control of Your Printing Environment

With MPS, you can take a control of your printing environment and gain visibility. You will be reported about the issues and functions related to your printing devices. You can keep the track of the expenditures made on printing. MPS also help you choose the sufficient printing devices and staff for your organization’s needs.

In this way, you can manage the expenses of your entire document environment. Besides, an MPS provider will create a print solution for your organization after understanding your spending on documentation.
So, you must have understood how managed print services can help you increase the revenue the business by eliminating costly issues in printing. It goes beyond minimizing printing and paper wastage. A good MPS not only free up your staff to remain focus on core line of business, but also helps them achieve operational goals without bothering about printer’s issues that occur over time.

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