Sometimes a printer malfunctions just due to a disconnection from the cable, and other time it is the printer driver which gets outdated or defective. Whatever the problem is, if you are using a printer, you must know how to troubleshoot your printing device. Learn here 5 ways to handle your troubling printer issues.

Is your printer working at a snail’s pace?

Are you fed up of refilling the ink over and over again?

Or it is the flawed printing quality which makes your worry?

Printers forms to be an integral part of every computer user. Certainly, you wouldn’t like to go to a local store late night just to get a print out of an important a document or a family photo. But despite of the fact that they are among the most useful devices in your routine, these can present a maddening range of problems with the Mac and printer.

‘What to do if I can’t connect to my printer?’

It is the most common question asked by any printer user. Generally, people run for printer support, talking to a computer services company. Surely, an expert can help you solve the problem. But do you know these can be handled easily. Yes, the good news is that most of the situations are resolvable.

Let’s explain some of them for you;

Did You Check The Print Dialog Box?

If an exclamation mark occurs in front of the printer’s name, warning a trouble, press Command-P again. A badge icon would appear, next to the printer’s name with a message stating the cause of the failure and how to fix it.

Generally, this happens when you print to more than one printer. This means that you have not selected the one you intended. All you need to do is choose your intended printer from the Print dialog box’s Printer pop-up menu and get it done.

In case, the printer appears to be paused previously, it will show you can error message. Not a big issue, just click the Resume button.

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What About The Print Queue?

When a print job fails, the printer’s Print Queue icon is there in the Dock. So, you have to click the icon to open the Queue’s window to find out details.

But what if you don’t see anything in the Dock? Here’s what to do;

  • Choose Apple menu
  • Go to System Preferences
  • Click Print & Scan
  • Select your printer in the list
  • Click Open Print Queue

Alternatively, if it is a connection, i.e. when the Print Queue claims that the printer is “not connected” or it is unable to “communicate” with the printer. The solution is explained in next point.

Is The Printer Connected?

In case, the above attempts fail to fix things at your Mac’s end, there might be some problem with your printer. Not to worry! Below are listed few things to try;

  • Firstly check for the paper in the printer’s auto-feed or manual-feed tray. Make sure there is no paper jam.
  • When your Mac fail to connect to the printer, turn printer off and put it back on.
  • With printer on, ensure it is connected. Look for the power input printer is getting, and whether the necessary cables or even the wireless connections are in order.
  • Is there ink or toner cartridges? It happens that some models of inkjet printers refuse to print even the ink level is low.

Is Your Printer Software Updated?

Not sure?

Select Apple menu and go to Software Update, if it shows an update for your brand of printer, install it. But in case, it’s not available, you have to download and install it.

Let’s Reset Printing System

Worst, if nothing works and you still want the printer to work, just return to the Print & Scan preferences pane. Control-click the name of the printer and when the contextual menu appear, select Reset printing system. It will bring you back to where it was when you first unboxed your Mac.

It might not be a happy prospect, but this works!

So, you don’t require having a great deal of expertise to treat your non-working printer. With basic understanding of the print process and the above stated information, you can easily resolve your printer problems.

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