IaaS ensures your flexibility, scalability and ease of accessibility. How? Well, learn here…

What Is IaaS?

IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a Service and is a cloud computing model.

An IaaS vendor provides and manages all technical resources and infrastructure, including storage, networking, and servers and so on over the Internet.

It eliminates the need of purchasing servers or hiring extra staff for the businesses. All they need an internet connection, a single piece of PC and login credentials to access these services. In this way, they save on the expenditures done on infrastructure, space, and hiring the staff. It is an important part of managed IT services in today’s digital era.

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Benefits of SaaS for Your Small Business

Here we have explored the benefits you can achieve with IaaS model.


One of the key benefits of switching to Iaas model is to save on infrastructures costs. Since everything is over the Internet, you don’t need to buy costly servers and hire extra staff in your IT departments. Besides, you minimize the issues like downtime, maintaining hardware and software, and replacing old equipment.

As an added bonus, you need to pay for IaaS as long as you are using it. This model also lets you avoid large monthly or yearly fees for the services you may not use. Generally, there are no upfront fees, bandwidth charges and long commitments.


You have to upgrade your infrastructure as your business grows. With IaaS, you can have flexibility to keep a pace with your business’s requirements. Generally, an IaaS provider is equipped with the latest, efficient and cutting edge technology and storage solutions to meet the needs of a client.

In short, it ensures on-demand scalability that enhances flexibility and agility to respond to the growth level of an organization. You can expand your IaaS services as you grow.


Since your computing infrastructure is on the cloud, you can access it anytime and from anywhere in the world.


It can be devastating if your data is lost due to hacking or natural disasters in your area. If you have opted for IaaS, you are likely to be less worried about that. This is because IaaS offers a solid disaster recovery infrastructure which lets you retrieve your data with minimal cost and effective control over the environment. In simple words, you can access the same data over the Internet from anywhere in case of disaster. It includes everything a business needs to perform operation as usual—email, web servers and important software.


Since IaaS providers take care of the technology infrastructure of your business, you can concentrate on your core line of business. You don’t need to worry about the resources, time and money spent on digital infrastructure of your business. By opting for a service-based model like IaaS, businesses can invest their time and resources on their business strategies.


Given that IT resources are accessed virtually, management and staff can work over the task remotely. You can access and manage the tasks while on the run, simply requiring your Internet connection and login password. You can have a multiple users on the same piece of infrastructure available over the internet.

So, these are some benefits of choosing IaaS for your business. In nutshell, IaaS model assures you flexibility, scalability, and accessibility your business needs for a smooth operation.

However, you should follow the things given below to find the right IaaS provider for your business:

  • Know your business’s networking and storage requirement.
  • Know about your vendor. Is he reputed? What users say about him?
  • What does the service contract include?
  • Are you okay with the billing mechanism of the service providers?

 Choosing an IaaS model is an important decision for any business and it should be taken after checking your business requirements and evaluating the vendors.

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